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Isn't stop-motion animation expensive and time consuming? ...wrong!

Stop motion - or 'stop frame animation' - is a complex, highly skilled process of production and it can be hard to find a studio that has the specialist knowledge to produce top-quality content. However, Kerrupt Stop Motion has developed unique methods of production to create great animation and speed up the whole process. It keeps costs down and is a system that has impressed clients across the globe including the BBC, Mattel, Moonbug Entertainment, WildBrain Spark, Nestle, Channel 5, Cisco Systems and more. We also work in the public sector too with UK councils

and Universities. You only have 2 weeks to make a TV commercial? ...not a problem. Your budget is tight? ...not a problem. Need an clamation explainer video by the end of the month ...not a problem.

Many clients who contact us aren't familiar with media production – it's totally new territory for them. If this is the case for you, don't worry – we're here to guide you though production in a simple and clear fashion (...none of those fancy media production terms). It's a process that won't take up lots of your time but will ensure you get exactly what you want – on time and on budget.

So, you might need a stop-motion animation studio? …

Stop Motion Bear
Maddie Moate animation
Stop-Frame Series
Toy Stop Motion


Kerrupt Animation is a quirky bunch of artistic souls who all share one passion – stop-motion. While we love all types of animation (...except the Creative Director who hates Pixelation) we share a special love for that 'unique technique' of moving objects very small amounts ...then taking a photo ...and another photo ...and another ..and so on.


As a team of 5 we love to unleash our creativity and push it through our unique production process. We're particularly fond of blending techniques (like combining 2D multi-plane animation with stop-motion) and testing ideas to create visuals that are a little bit

Stop-Motion Commercial

different – we always want to help our clients stand out from the crowd. As part of our part of our deep (and slightly unhealthy) obsession for the technique of stop-motion animation we have added a 'Learn Stop-Motion' page to our site to help fellow geeks learn this beautiful art. It's full of info and useful links to drag even the most sane person deep into the crazy world of stop-frame.


As an animation studio with over 20 years experience we have an unrivaled knowledge of all types of stop-motion production. Our stop motion animators create claymation, pixelation, lego animation and paper cut-out animation on a daily basis and our reputation as a toy stop-motion studio producing high quality children's content is second to none as we continually work with international toy companies like Golden Bear, Spin Master and Mattel. Our output for children's animation is mainly across digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as other social media. Children's brands we have worked with include Paw Patrol, Rescue Heroes, Caillou, In The Night Garden, Sylvanian Families, Smooshy Mushy, Polly Pocket, Sailor Sid, Little Lodgers and Teletubbies ...and that's just the start. In claymation we have worked with PwC, the BBC, Boy and Dragon and Slugterra while in pixelation we create animation for Kolorcraft, Moderio and Bottega Veneta. As a London animation company with production facilities in Yorkshire we service companies and public sector organisations from across the UK and beyond offering superb ROI with the very best stop-motion animators.


We have developed a unique production process at Kerrupt Animation that is specifically designed to ensure the process is as clear and simple as possible for all our clients. The concept of our process is structured to ensure every animation is EXACTLY what the client needs. You will be able to provide input at all stages of production and, should you wish, you can even talk directly to the stop-motion animator as they film your production so you have 100% control. Unlike most animation studios there are multiple stages of feedback so you can oversee the development of your project with complete confidence and, unusually for an animation studio, we DO NOT provide storyboards – why we hear you ask? - because they are confusing and lack important information. Most clients struggle to get a clear idea of what is happening from a traditional storyboard and - in all honesty - so do we ! Even after 20 years of animation production we understand storyboards don't clearly tell us valuable information – they tell clients nothing about the pace, sound design or timing of an animated video. Therefore we supply clients with animatics – a sort of 'video storyboard' that really helps client (and our stop motion animators) get a perfect understanding of how a project is developing and, most importantly, provide critical feedback before filming begins. Alternatively, if you prefer a 'hands off' approach we can create you project from start to finish with as little interruption to your busy routine as possible.

So, you need an animation – maybe on a tight budget and a short timescale? Call our london animation studio now on 0203 633 9875.

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