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Divergence Test - Creativity test for animators

So, I recently stumbled across an article outlining a type of creativity test. Opposite to a 'Convergence' test (...a test of IQ) it's called a 'Divergence' test and looks to highlight the creativity and imagination of the subject. In a traditional test where we are given information and are asked to form a definite answer a divergence looks outwards - you are given starting point and are tested to see where you go with it. The test is based around the idea that a high IQ is only helpful up to a certain threshold - once that threshold is reached a creative mind starts to be more beneficial than an ever higher IQ. The test is also known as a 'Brick and Blanket' test. It came to my attention after Kerrupt Stop-Motion recently did some animations with kids and I was amazed at their creativity - they could take their stories in any direction and their imaginations saw none of usual barriers that our minds seem to develop as we grow old and gain a wider understanding of the world (...'crushed by the system' I hear you say!). In a divergence test the person administering the test is looking for the number of answers provided as well as their uniqueness.

So, as an exercise in creative thought and imagination the team at Kerrupt thought it might be interesting to set up our own version of the 'Brick and Blanket' test and see how animators fair - just how creative are we among wider society? Are you brave enough to take our version of the 'Brick and Blanket' test? If so, here are the rules and what you will need:

A watch or a phone with a timer / stopwatch

A pen or pencil

A sheet of paper

When you click the link below you will be taken to a special page of our site. A word will appear (an object) and you wiil have 1 minute to write down as many uses for that object as possible. When the minute is up a 2nd word will appear - do the same. Once you have all your answers add them up and ...if you're feeling really brave your answers back here. Good luck ...may the creative force be with you!

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